A trilogy of squirrelly stories

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"Kalandaka is a very canny, very funny, beautifully seen, and urbansmart book--let's say Redwall meets Glamorama"
Mark Seltzer, Professor of English Literature, UCLA

ďDonít let them tell you lifeís only about what you can see. Life is also about what you dream, what you canít see, what you can only imagine. Maybe Kalan, itís not worth seeing after all, maybe your imagination is better than mine, but youíll only know if you go and take a look for yourself.Ē Bilka

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Some places of interest  (Click image to view)

  The debating tree (City Hall)


           Shin's pagoda (Tompkins Sq Park)

Uncle Totti's (Broadway)

"Life never really ends. It merely takes on different forms or you just perceive it to have a different meaning" Shin

A map by MollyCrabapple


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Interview with a squirrel

"I can only really enjoy life when I am taking it from others" Shokobaba

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